Hey I am Amanda!

fullstack developer

I am a committed, industrious and hardworking individual. I am not scared of challenges and always try to find solutions to problems. I am a social person that connects and talks to new people easily. I love helping and will go the extra mile where I can. I am interested in web design and aspire to open my own online shop one day.


About me

I am Amanda Makara, a fullstack developer

I'm creative in designing my own clothes and I've always wanted to know how to open my own online shop and creating a website to advertise what I’m selling. After completing matric I wanted to learn how to code.

birthday:19 november 2000

Contacts: 065 554 2498

Email: amandamakara7@gmail.com

City: Cape Town


My skills




MS office


Education and Experience



I did my matric in Eastern Cape 2019


Janury 2021- March 2021

I studied Html,Javascript and CSS and a little bit of Python . I wanted to have more information on software development as well as remind myself on coding basics as i was preparing to be part of Life Choices Academy

Life Choices Academy

April 2021-till present

A bootcamp, which tought me essentials of web devepment and leadership skills

Limbila BnB Reception

January 2020-December 2020

I was working at the receptiona, answering incoming calls for booking and accepting people who who came for accomodations.I was also helping with cleaning and decrating rooms

My services


I believe in memories being captured to reflect in the future and the nature of art itself

Web development

as I am fimiliar with the frontend web design, and i know backend as well

My Projects

Glassmorphic Form


Glassmorphic styled form using Formspree and Glassmorphism.com

Testimonial timeline


Timeline used by Glassmorphism and the data aos for

Temperature converter

Python tkinter

Temperature converter using tkinter

Sneaker store site

html css

created sneaker site using html and CSS


html css and Javascript

Caculator creeated using html and CSS

lotto machine app

Python tkinter

lotto machine using tkinter


HTML,CSS and Javascript

Pokedex displays the pictures of the pokemond and their destcriptions

to-do list


styled using slide ios



Godwin Dzvapatsva

Head of curriculum learning

Amanda always completes any assignment on time and to a good standard. She is someone who listens and adjusts accordingly.

Jason Wandrag


Amanda is focused and hard working. She always greets with a smile and has a very pleasant personality.

Vuyani Kunelisi


Amanda is very persistent in achieving the best outcomes. she has an enthusiastic and professional disposition and adds great value in any project she becomes part of.



Amanda has shown to be hardworking and diligent in her work. She may not always have the answer but she always makes sure to find out. That diligence and attitude would serve any company / team very well. her friendly and warm personality makes her very good to work with.

Contact me


stay in touch

I am willing to give my all.and go extra mile where neccesary
and be commtted to any ambitious project works I am given.
Hoping to join the team soon

Maitland Cape Town


065 554 2498